Calotropis Gigantean R.Br

Calotropis Gigantean R.Br

Calotropis Gigantean R.Br is a medium-sized shrub with the height 10 feet tall, have a thick and hard leaves like a Terminalia catappa leaf, have a finely-pubescent, white-cream color. It can bloom as a large bouquet with white-light purple color. The fruit is round and long and breaks out like a capoc when it old. All the part of the stems, branches, and leaves are very long.

Calotropis gigantean R.Br is believed to be a native plant in India.

Calotropis gigantean R.Br is an outdoor plant, like loose soil or sandy soil.  This is an easy-to-grow plant.

It can be reproducing by seed propagation and grafting.

Calotropis gigantean R.Br located in the wilderness so there are not many grown it as an ornamental plant. However, it is good to plant for decorate a house and many places because it has white and clean look. Its also yield the flower for wreathing. According to ancient medicine properties, Calotropis gigantean R.Br have a bitter taste, leaves can cure Hemorrhoids in the intestine, flower cure Eczema, fruit cure dandruff and root flux.

Calotropis Gigantean R.Br


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