Pink Red Power Puff

Pink Red Power Puff

Pink Red Power Puff is a medium-size shrub with 15-30 feet tall, or can be a low-size shrub. There are many species. Branches are often cluttered and weak. The leaf is spread on the opposite direction in pairs, the shape of it is round and sharp in the end, 2 ½ inches long and a short branch. Flowers are bloom as a bouquet at the base of the petiole or the end of a branch. One big bouquet consists of 6-12 small bouquets. The flower will bloom together in the same clusters. When it blossoming, the androecium of the genuine flowers are rise as a red fuzz and becoming a beautiful tuff.

People often believe the origin of Pink Red Power Puff. is Mexico but some believe it is a native Hawaiian plant. In addition to C. haematocephala, there are also other species, such as C.surinamensis, 15 feet tall, some are small-size shrub and also have a pink and white flowers.

Pink Red Power Puff is an outdoor plant that can be grown in almost types of soil.

It can be reproducing by grafting and seed propagation from the old sheath.

There are many people who grown Pink Red Power Puff. to see see the flowers. It is a strange flower and blooming once a year from December to April.

Pink Red Power PuffPink Red Power Puff



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