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Hot Pepper Seeds -

⊗ Product Code: S-1001
⊗ Product Name: Hot Pepper Seeds
⊗ PURITY % (min): 98
⊗ GERM.% (min): 80
⊗ Number of seeds (approximately)/Weight: Approx 90
⊗ Price: $4.95USD
⊗ Shipping: Free World Wide Shipping!! (include tracking number for check status parcel)

Warning: Germination information valid only if seeds stored at 18 °C temp and 50% relative humidity.

The seeds in this packet are specially conditioned to maintain good germination. If the packet is opened or torn normal ageing takes place and the seeds should be used as quickly as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Descriptions and illustrations appearing on this packet represent our products as is ous trials. Appearance and performance may very in different geographic location & under different growing conditions. By acceptance of our seeds and also by use seeds purchaser agrees that any liability of ours of what soever nature shall be limited to the amount of purchase price.


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