Adenium Obesum Balf.


Adenium obesum Balf. (Apocynaceae)

Adenium obesum Balf is a short shrub and soft body with 5 feet tall, thin bark, round and large stalk and branches, leaves is monocotyledon, have much rubber, round and sharp in the end with 4 inches long, usually split into groups on the end of the branch. 5-10 flowers will bloom at the end of each bouquet, have a bright pink-red horns shape and the end bloom into 5 points of the star, 2 inches long and half an inch wide.

The origin of Adenium obesum Balf. is Africa and a similar name “Adenium coetaneum Stapf.”

Adenium obesum Balf. is an outdoor plant, like sunlight, like drought, do not like wet soil so it should be planted by rough sandy soil, smashed brick, rotten leaves and manure. It can be reproducing by stem cuttings. This is an easy to grow, strong and tough plant.

Adenium obesum Balf. is often grown as ornamental plants because it gives bright pink flowers throughout the year.


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