Madagascar Periwinkle, Catharanthus roseus G.Don (Apocynaceae)

Madagascar Periwinkle Catharanthus roseus G.Don (Apocynaceae)

Madagascar Periwinkle is a short herbaceous plant with 3 feet tall, a monocotyledon that sprouts in the opposite direction in a pairs.  The leaves have an invert egg-shape or an invert egg-shape with a parallel line, round or concave on the edge, smooth texture, sharp or round on the end, have a fresh green color. Flower bloom on the base with half an inch wide as a group, which 3-6 flowers.

Madagascar Periwinkle commonly grown are white and pink. White color in yellow flowers and pink color in red flowers and also have a purple, dark purple. White flower has pink dot and purple with white insert. There is 5 androecium near the mouth of the flower tube. Fruit is a cylindrical shape. When it old, it will split into two sections with a lot of seeds.

Madagascar Periwinkle is a native plant of Madagascar, now it distributed in the tropics.

Madagascar Periwinkle can be planted in almost types of soil but it like a loose soil and sufficient plant food and should be planted outdoors.

It can be reproducing by seed propagation.

Madagascar Periwinkle can be planted as ornamental plants because it has white mixed pink flowers throughout the year. Its also have a herbal properties such as juice cure the diabetes, reduce blood pressure and remove the menstruation, leaves can cure diabetes, nourish the heart, use as a digestive drug, blood cancer treatment, cancer treatment, root cure the dysmenorrhoea, remove the menstruation, use as an abortion, vermifuge drugs and can stop the bleeding.

Madagascar Periwinkle Catharanthus roseus G.Don (Apocynaceae)


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