Barleria Cristata Linn

Barleria Cristata Linn Barleria cristata Linn is a short shrub with 3 feet tall, The leaves have a spear-like shape with 4 inches long. The...

Angelonia Salicarifolia

Angelonia Salicarifolia Angelonia salicarifolia is a herbaceous plant with 2 feet tall. sticky stems, slender and long leaves with half an inch wide and 5...

Red Ginger

Red Ginger Red ginger is the only seeding plant like ginger and galangal. It has a rhizome or rootstock in the soil. In fact, the...

Adenium Obesum Balf

Adenium Obesum Balf. (Apocynaceae) Adenium obesum Balf is a short shrub and soft body with 5 feet tall, thin bark, round and large stalk and branches,...

Acalypha Hispida

Acalypha Hispida Acalypha hispida (Euphorbiaceae) Chenille Plant, Red Hot Cat’s Tail, Monkey Tail. Acalypha hispida is a small shrub that can grow up to 12 feet long,...

Som Chaba

Som Chaba (Abelmoschus moschatus Medicus spp. Tuberosus Borss. (Malvaceae) Som Chaba is a herbaceous plant, its lay on the ground or stand high around 2 feet...

Flowering and Ornamental Plants

To understand flower and tree in brief, we are divided it into two major groups, with the aim of easy to understand as following. 1....

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