Som Chaba

(Abelmoschus moschatus Medicus spp. Tuberosus Borss. (Malvaceae)

Som-Chaba - Abelmoschus moschatus Medicus spp. Tuberosus Borss. (Malvaceae)

Som Chaba is a herbaceous plant, its lay on the ground or stand high around 2 feet tall, looks like Chinese ginseng, have a soft or hard pubescent like a thorn on stalk and branches, ovate leaves around 5 inches long. oval 5 petals with different colors such as red, yellow or purple, pollen look like round sheath Chaba or egg-shaped with 2 inches long, often have a hard or soft pubescent cover its.

The origin of Som Chaba is south Indo-Chinese, Thai, Malaysia, Australia, North Vietnam and usually grown in the wilderness.

Som Chaba is a herbaceous plant that endures the drought. It can be found in all types of soil, do not like wet soil and reproducing by seed propagation.

Som Chaba can be planted as ornamental plants to admire flowers because it has a bright color and beautiful. It is easy to grow and can be planted for decorating the house, planted in garden’s plot or in the corner of the house.


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