Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum spp. and hybrid (Compositae)

Chrysanthemum Spp

Chrysanthemum is a herbaceous plant with a height of 1-3 feet, stems, stalks, branches, and leaves are finely-pubescent and soft. Leaves and flowers have the different shapes and size. Each type and species will have a new half-breed. The flower has many colors. The size of a small and big flower is half an inch to six inches.

It is believed Chrysanthemum originated in China. It is planted in China before Jesus birth more than 500 years, then thousands of years, it reproduces in Japan, comes to Europe in Holland around 1688, but died all. In the later, it spread into France in 1795, then into England and America in 1798.

Chrysanthemum can bloom all year round. It can grow well in a moist soil, like an outdoor place and manure. It can be divided into two types, one is Perennial Chrysanthemum, reproducing by tussock splitting, seeding splitting or use a branch, and other is Annual Chrysanthemum, a herbaceous plant can be reproducing by seed propagation.

Chrysanthemum has various shape, size, and color of flower and stalk so it is grown widely. It is planted to cut a flower, which is needed by the market or may be mixed together in a variety of plots or planted in rock gardens. It is a beautiful ornamental plant compare with other species.

The popular Chrysanthemum is Decoratives type have long petals and small flower, Singles type have overlap flower and a hub in the middle, Spoons types have a flat and round flower.

Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp Chrysanthemum Spp


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