Brunfesia hopeana Benth (Solanaceae)

Brunfesia Hopeana Benth

Brunfesia Hopeana Benth is a shrub with the maximum length 6 feet, the branches growing into exuberant thick, round leaves with the sharp end and 6 inches long, flowers will bloom in a base of a stalk, base of the stem or end of a branch. There is a single layer of flowers with 5 petals about 1 inch wide. The flower is dark purple in the first day and become a light purple in second day, the third day will be a white color and dry out in the fourth day. It has a strong good smell from evening to morning and the smell will fade when it dries out.

The origin of Brunfesia hopeana Benth is America, the tropics, and Indies archipelago.

Brunfesia hopeana Benth can be planted in all types of soil but it should be planted with sufficient moisture and nutrients soil.

It can be reproducing by grafting and stem cuttings.

Brunfesia hopeana Benth is popular as ornamental plants because it is an outdoor plant that gives a lot of flowers. Flowers can be changed into three colors and have a fragrant smell throughout the year. The flowers can be full bloom at the tree in three colors and give a beautiful view.

Brunfesia Hopeana Benth


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